About us

Musicians Supply DMCC,

Established in Dec 2012, our philosophy; to have a retail/distribution company which is run by musicians for musicians, weather beginner or pro musician, you can get sound advice and sound prices.

MSD consists of Three (3) well trained individuals who handle all the Admin tasks and gets every job done quickly and precise. (Something Rare in many shops in Dubai), Currently growing and moving forward, Musicians Supply Represents Several Large Brands Such as: Musicman/Ernieball, Mooer, Wampler, Dr. Z, Styrmon, Xotic, Mission, Tech21, Eventide, Mono Cases, Tokai George L’s, All Parts, WD BIZ, Jim Dunlop, Ibanez, Tama, Mad Professor, Mojo Handfx,  Jetter Gear, Black Cat Pedals, GHS Strings, DR Strings, Heintzman Pianos, Roland, Alvarez Guitars, ENGL Amplification, ZT amplification, Pedal Train Pedal Boards, Lava Cables, Ultimate Stands, Soultone Cymbals, Ahead Drum stuff, Hotsticks drum sticks.

You can try all instruments out before you buy it, and that is very rare in UAE.

Along with the Owner in Musicians Supply DMCC, a very experienced Musicians/Salespersons/Techs,
Kris Opao He has tons of experience in the Retail side of things as well as a musician himself and Master Technician.
Eduardo Abratique and Ronalds also musicians of many instruments as well as our in-house tech.

Lloyd Felisilda IT/Product Specialist Support as well as being a musician.

Come and meet our Team in the Shop TODAY.