• Lava-Cables-20-Retro-Coil-Cable-METALLIC-BLUE-RIGHT-ANGLE-to-Straight-252562225704
  • Lava-Cables-20-Retro-Coil-Cable-METALLIC-BLUE-RIGHT-ANGLE-to-Straight-252562225704

Lava Retro Coil 20-Foot Silent Instrument Cable Straight-Right Angle

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Product Description

Lava Retro Coil 20-Foot Silent Instrument Cable Straight-Right Angle


The best sounding coil cable out there.

The Lava Retro Coil 20-Foot Silent cable uses a 99.99% OFC low strand count copper conductor and superior shielding. This cable was designed by Lava Cable to provide world-class sonic performance and low noise using G&H Silent plugs that also let you plug in without pops or buzzes.

Lava’s Retro Coil cable delivers great sound but it offers a utilitarian advantage as well. The coiling makes for no more hassles when bundling and removes the need to worry about getting caught up in messy cords on stage.

Completely made in the USA.

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